Music Connects Us to Time and Place.

Running Head: HU300 Art and Humanities 20th Century and Beyond Unit 4 assignment

HU300 Unit 4 Assignment
September 18, 2012

In 1958, ten years prior to my birth, my mother Fran Aronofsky and her 5 brothers (Lenny, Marvin, Donald, Kenny and Dennis) had recorded Doo Wop style Rock and Roll records as Fran Arrow and The Arrows with Producer David London in Brooklyn, New York.
The songs they played included some cover versions of popular favorites such as "A Thousand Stars" and "I Enjoy Being a Girl", but recorded in a more upbeat Rock and Roll tempo, as well as some original songs written by my uncle, Donald like "The Coney Island Rock" and "Never Let You Go"
The records were pressed on vinyl coated metal 78rpm discs, known in the music industry as acetates, with generic studio labels that have the band name and song title typed in black from an actual type-writer.
I am able to describe these too you because, ever since I was born, in New York 1968, they have been in my home and up until this day, they remain in my possession and have been part of my vast music collection, which consists of anything and everything from Amadeus Mozart to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.
I have truly been raised with music playing for a large part of my life. To be able to write ones own life soundtrack is no easy task, as depending on ones mood, they may choose a different genre altogether tomorrow, from what songs they are singing today.
Playing mom's 78's are very fond memories for me, as I can remember the feeling of thinking one day my mom was going to get discovered and make it big like Striesand or The Carpenters, it was great to hear such early Rock sung by a then 15 year old teenager during the days now known as the Golden Age of Rock and Roll. I could imagine seeing my mom and uncles standing on a snow covered street corner around a garbage can lit on fire to stay warm as they Doo Wopped into the night and along comes a man in a limousine wearing a big...