Alternitive Energy

Alternative Energy
There is a need for alternative energy source due to the fact that the economy is so poor and many cannot afford to pay their electric, heating, and oil bills.   The price of oil is outrageous which is needed by everyone to live and commute to work.   New ways are being created for an alternative source of energy that will help people maintain enough money in order to live a happier life.   Alternative energy sources are being developed through four natural renewable energy sources; earth, wind, sun, and water.   “Renewable energy resources are those, which will replenish themselves naturally in a relatively short time and will therefore, always be available. They include geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, peat, ocean thermal energy, solar energy, tidal energy, wind power, and fuel wood”(McMullan).   There are several positive and negative attributes that result in the development of alternative energy sources.  
A type of alternative energy source is solar energy.   “Solar energy is a term used to identify the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun and intercepted by Earth” (Kreider).   Solar energy comes from the sun and is the most abundant resource in the world.   It is one that will never run out like other fuels sources such as oil.   The sun’s radiation is collected through solar-thermal panels and heat collectors.   These solar panels are used to generate electricity by converting solar heat into energy.   One type of solar power works through photovoltaic panels, which consist of cells and are set on a flat grid.   The cells are easily damaged and covered by glass sheets to protect them from dangers in the air.   When the sunlight is confined to the panel, the cells convert the solar heat into solar energy through stringing of the cells and allow electricity to be used in homes.   Another type of solar power works through thermal collectors.   These collectors are used on homes and small businesses.   The thermal collector stores the heat...