Energy Conservation Techniques

Energy Resource Challenges

Check Point

Amanda r. Hursey

SCI Class Week Eight

      Wind Energy produces energy by using wind turbines like that use in parts of our country. Solar Energy is common in a way of reducing energy cost in homes and businesses. Solar Cells in solar panels help develop energy by using the source of sunlight.   Bio-liquid fuels are another source of energy described in the clip. By the use of food partials help deliver a chemical such as ethanol. Ethanol is what we use in liquid fuel. Scientist would use things such as husks, grain, corn, etc to use to make qualities of liquid fuel.

Challenges in using these sources of alternative renewable energies can be as simple as our natural resources dealing with weather, growth of plants, and Sunlight. Solar Panels run by the source of the sun. If we lived in a place with a lack or so little of sunlight it might not become a popular product to use before they created energy savers. Energy Savers in Solar Energy helps maintain and produce to save energy for rainy days where it might not be able to produce.   The lack of produce growth can contribute to the lack of the bottoms of corn and grains to be used to make liquid fuel. Wind Turbines that produces wind energy wouldn’t work in a place that had so little wind.   In the United States wind turbines are used in selected states where wind is a valuable source to produce energy. Hydropower of Water as another source of renewable energy source is a source of energy used to produce power.   Three Challenges of managing nonrenewable energy sources are listed below.

1.) Adds to costly energy costs!

2.) Become an Air pollution problem

3.) Can lead to toxic situations