Alternative Family Medicine

The Irish-Americans believe in modern medicine, but cultural traditions as well.   These traditional ways may be called alternative therapies by mainstream society.
Healthcare in the Irish-American culture is twofold.   Living in a new country does not inspire families to give up their own culture (Grand Canyon University, 2010). For the most part, the Irish will go to the doctors when necessary, but also believing in the old superstitions and alternative medicines may save a family money by staying out of the E.R..   When a child gets an earache in the winter, it is practiced in the O’Neill family to give the child or adult a Hot Toddy, honey, tea, brandy and lemon.   The tea is for the fever, honey and lemon to soothe the throat and the brandy to ward off anymore infection and to help with the pain.   The Irish do not like to be a bother and would rather not bother a busy doctor, who is saving lives in an emergency room, with an earache.   This drink is not just for the sick.   It is drunk on cold days and holidays as well.   Of course if this does not help after a day or two then the doctor will be called.   Although it is a very taste drink, this does not bode well to start giving alcohol to such young children.
Of course, modern medicine and the fact that problems are talked about on TV or the radio help let people understand that they are not possessed by the devil but by a cold and it is alright to use other forms of medicine