The Effects of Alternative Family Types on Children

The Effects of Alternative Family Types on Children.

    People used to know the traditional family in which the father was the leader of the family and responsible for its well being.   The mother’s role on the other hand, was to take care of her husband and raise their children. Things, however, have changed dramatically in the last decades,not only regarding the roles the parents have but also the sex of the parents.   Today, there is a large number of families whose members are of the same sex.   The question,is should these same-sex parents have children? And, if yes, do these children live a normal life in and out of home?   I, personally, would agree with Ellen C. Perrin, MD, professor of paediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston,   who in the article “Kids Of Same-Sex Parents Do Fine” states, “The vast consensus of all studies shows that children of same-sex parents do as well as children whose parents are heterosexual in every way,”(qtd in Alfano par. 4).   In other words, same-sex parents’ children are not at all different from the children of heterosexual families.   They live a happy life with two “parents” who love them.   Those parents try to do their best to show to the society that they are capable of bringing up a child properly, even if this child isn’t their natural but an adopted one.
Children with homosexual parents can be equal and even better than children with heterosexual parents.   They lack neither the love nor the affection and care that children of heterosexual families may have.   I disagree with Paul Cameron, who in his article “Does Adoption by Gay or Lesbian Couples Put American Children at Risk?” states “More than 150 children with homosexual parents have provided, in extensive interviews, detailed evidence of the difficulties they encountered as a result.”(Cameron par. 5) He tries to convince us that homosexual parents’ children face a lot of psychological problems because of their “strange” family.   Really, do such...