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Malaysia Offers So Much More
Malaysia warmly welcomes international students to its shores….
Over the last 30 years, our unique higher education system has evolved to ensure students have a wide range of international courses to choose from. Today, the quality and diversity of our courses continue to develop and students will find that they have the flexibility to pursue a US, UK, Australian or Malaysian degree qualification right in Malaysia. This gives students many benefits such as very competitive tuition fees and affordable cost of living. Students will also gain from an ‘Asian’ experience within Malaysia’s multi-ethnic environment and experience warm Malaysian hospitality during their stay. Studying in Malaysia also provides students the opportunity to make acquaintances with international students from all over the world. These experiences and networks will give you a competitive advantage anywhere in a fast-evolving globalised world. The peaceful, modern and fascinating Malaysia is located in the heart of South-East Asia, directly south of Thailand and north of Singapore. At the beginning of 2009, there were more than 70,000 international students from more than 100 countries studying in Malaysia. These students pursue courses ranging from diplomas, degrees to PhDs at private higher educational institutions, public universities and foreign university branch campuses. Currently, Malaysia is ranked 11th in the world by UNESCO in terms of the highest number of international students studying in the country. This demonstrates the confidence of international students in choosing Malaysia as a preferred destination for acquiring an academic qualification and the acceptance of Malaysia as an international education hub.