Alcohol vs Weed

How do Drugs Affect Your Body

Written By. Cameron Spence

      How Do Drugs Affect Your Body?
      The big debate today is which drug is worse, Alcohol or Marijuana.   Both Drugs affect you differently, the question is how does it affect you and what substance in these drugs makeup affects you.   The big thing is that they both affect your body in a negative way, no matter which one is worse than the other the true fact is that neither alcohol nor marijuana is good for you.   A big argument for Marijuana being so bad is the THC in it.   The chemical make up is very unique which adds for different problems when using both.   They both can also cause big problems due to the way both of these drugs get into your system.
The main chemical in marijuana is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short.   Back when marijuana had just begun to be grown its THC content would be at about 1.5%.   Now a days some marijuana ranges between 8-20% in THC content.   This is a drug that can be grown at home, which is really the main reason for such a high THC.   People experiment with the different combinations of the chemicals in marijuana to come up with many different variations of marijuana.   Most marijuana is illegal but some is legal if you have permission.
The only marijuana that is legal is the marijuana that is prescribed by a doctor.   Currently there are only a few states where marijuana is legal and they are California, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.   A lot of the time people can make up issues or things that are wrong with them. Then they go to the doctor and get a little card that gives the person permission to buy marijuana.   A person is only allowed to by marijuana in the states though that allows for the sale of medical marijuana.   This medical marijuana that also