Marijuana Legalization

Have you ever been stressed out, and wanted to just get away? If marijuana were legal, that would never be a problem. Marijuana is listed 4th on in the top twenty most important issues in the world today. There are many reasons for people to be for marijuana, or against it. There are many different reasons that people use marijuana, and some of them aren’t that bad. Marijuana can help overstressed workers relax in their free time, boost the economy, and help improve human health. This topic has been debated for years, but it is finally starting to take effect. Recently, NJ legislators have debated the use of marijuana for medical reasons. The bill for the legalization has been passed to the assembly, and is expected to return to the senate before Governor Jon Corzine can consider it.
These days, stress is dangerous. With problems with the economy, jobs, and relationships, stress can drive people insane. It messes with the health and the peace of mind of the society these days. What people need is a good way to just get away for a while, and to ease their mind. Which is what many doctors recommend when overstressed. Many resort to drinking, which in my opinion is a bad choice because it is addicting. There are many cases of this addiction, and you can even see it on TV. Even the famous rapper Eminem had to go to rehab for the addiction of alcohol. Many fatal accidents can happen from drunken people, because when drunk, they tend to do many stupid things. Marijuana is not habit forming, and it relaxes the people and slows everything down. I strongly believe that weed is the way to being truly relaxed and calm. Not to mention the fact that it can be stopped right away, unlike alcohol.
An example of a person who had a lot of pressure is Michael Phelps. He resorted to marijuana, and I honestly think that it could help him deal with the new things and opportunities that pass by him every day. He has interviews, pictures for different magazines, and his name...