Marijuana vs Alcohol


Drugs in general are somewhat harmful and helpful. I wouldn’t say that marijuana should be legalized because of what it does to people. I feel like alcohol should not be legalized because the side effect of alcohol is worse than marijuana in my opinion. I don’t see anything that’s successful about the use of alcohol or drugs unless it’s a prescription drugs and in my opinion prescription drugs could be harmful if they are in the wrong hands. I feel like when the cops crack down on drug users they should also get the drug dealers in the process, because when drug users get arrested they should get the dealers as well because if they get all the dealers off the streets then the users wouldn’t have anybody to buy drugs from. I like the idea that some schools have a drug education class for the good that it would do because in today’s society it all starts on the neighborhood that some kids are living and raised in. When I was in high school a lot of kids were peer pressured into doing drugs and they are still doing drugs today. That’s just like with the prescription drugs I have heard on multiple occasions about teens as well as adults taking prescription drugs to get high. I live in Laurel Mississippi and whenever I go the Fred’s Dollar store and see people buying over the counter cough syrup they always ask for identification and if they are under the age of eighteen or don’t have any identification then they will not sell cough syrup to them I don’t really know what good it does but I guess in the end I could say that it help some parents that are not aware of what their children are getting into.