Airlines and Marketing

Marketing shifts

Marketing concept points cogently to the exchange of good and predominantly services especially in the 21st century. In marketing a transaction must always be initiated thus rise the need for a product or service to be engendered whereon; each part should be gratified at the end of the transaction. While some transaction can be more complicated more than others it is incumbent upon the parties to take all the steps to secure themselves legally during the exchange. By doing so they can employ the service of a lawyer or an arbitrator before entering into any for of binding agreement.

Another key marketing concept is to understand the customers so well that the goods and services can be tailor-made to fit their taste and expectations. The end goal is to improve the customer’s satisfaction. Surveys plays a critical and catalytically roll in the marketing industry, it’s one of the primary barometers that measures the trend, purchasing power and product satisfaction between the industry and the customers.

Marketing concepts are design to satisfy needs. Despite the fact that some needs are more urgent than other. Marketing companies have realized that it is imperative that the product is marketed in a way that the consumer can quickly and easily determine the need to buy. Even though the customer may have other pressing domestic   needs.

Product Concept
Marketing a product with the intent to distribute in   various countries, careful research and surveys will determine how the customers will react to the new product.   For example, it has to be decided on what strata of customers the want to reach, who will buy, where the product will first be introduced how will supply meet demand if its widely accepted   would like to reach, what kind of distribution system will go in place to meet the supply and demand of the product. From a marketing standpoint the manufacturing of the product should be cost effective so that the selling of the product can...