Classis Airlines and Marketing

Classic Airlines and Marketing
MKT 571
Classic Airlines and Marketing

Classic Airlines has capable leaders who have the desire to take the airline giant past its competitors. The new CMO Kevin Boyle is perhaps the best option for Classic to return to better days. With membership down 20 percent Classic needs to make a drastic turnaround. Some of his colleagues at Classic seem to think that approaching the situation from the selling concept. They are trying to sell a product that less and less customers are choosing. Boyle has talked to the customers and he sees an opportunity to apply the holistic marketing concept by realizing that everything that the customer asks for is important. Social responsibility marketing falls under the holistic umbrella. There are airlines that plant trees for a given number of miles flown in order to reduce the carbon footprint left by emissions from the planes. Additionally the membership program is a great start to building a relationship with customers. This relationship marketing has been proven to be effective in customer retention but in Classics case the program needs to be revamped.
It’s going to be a hard sell for Boyle given the fact that Amanda Miller was burned by the last CMO who simply suggested reducing prices to win back customers. He is going to have to present a well laid out marketing plan which should include strategic and tactical plans the strategic plans need to lay out the intended focus marketing and what results will be. The tactical plans lay out the details as far as new programs to be offered or old programs to be overhauled. Including a SWOT in his presentation may also help her see better where the company is and where it could go. A SWOT represents the strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organizations. Strengths and weaknesses are internal and current. Opportunities and threats are external and can be current or expected.

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