Task 1
      1.1   Start, pause and stop program execution
For designing a system, we need to run the system to make sure if the system have error code or debug or not. So that, on this matter, for designing a system, we need to have program execution such as start, pause, and stop. According to the (Dictionary Reference) start will define as to begin an activity or a movement or to set out on something. So, to make sure my coding has any error or not, I execute it with start system. Pause is a temporary stop or rest in an intermission of action, so that, if I click the pause button, the system will disappear until I click the system start back for run the system.   According to (The Free Dictionary) the meaning ofstop are  to prevent someone from doing something, orto prevent something from happening, on this system, if I click the start the button for run the system, n for close the system, I will click the stop button which is in right position on picture below.

Picture 1 The Examples of Start in left of the picture, pause in the middle, and stop in the right position.

      1.2 Use the standard control tools to create the user interface.

                  Picture 3 The Tools that I used to create the interface system.
There are many type of tools to create the interface design such as, pointer, label, frame, checkbox, combo box, horizontal scroll bar, timer, folder list box, shape, image, OLE, picture box, text box, command button, option button, list box, vertical scroll bar, drive list box, folder list box, line and data. On this system, many tools that I already used, such as picture box, pointer, text box, combo box, option button, command button, frame, and image. For every tool, there is having their own functions to make sure interface run properly. For the example will show on the picture below.

On that picture, I used label to draws a box that can display text and let the designer type in the text, besides, I also used the command button...