Air Pollution

Air Quality
Heather Lange
September 3 , 2014
Andrea Allen

    What is air pollution? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, pollution is defined as " the action of the process of making land, water, air, etc. dirty and not safe or suitable to use."   Meaning air pollution can be defined as the means of introducing hazardous materials such as carbon dioxide into the air.   Society as a whole should educate themselves about three major causes of air pollution first there is car pollution, the second, industrial pollution and finally pollution from natural causes such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions.   Society should do educate themselves so they can take the appropriate remedial actions.   Air pollution from car exhaust has become a serious problem for one thing industrial pollution is one of the biggest man mad types of overall environmental pollution today.   Power plants release nitro dioxide into the air and can have adverse effects on the respiratory system.   The chemicals of carbon monoxide are being put into the atmosphere as well during a forest fire.

    According to the “EPA” Environmental Protection Agency.   “One hundred and forty-two million people in the United States live in unhealthy levels of air pollution.”   Car pollution is a major concern for the environment as well as a concern on the human health.   When fuel is being burned and coming from the car exhaust there are several different toxic components that are being emitted into the air.   The two main gases that come from car exhaust are carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.   If too much nitrogen oxides get put into the atmosphere, the balance of the natural amount within the atmosphere can go out of proportion.   Nitrogen oxides, on the other hand, come from burning coal, natural gas, gasoline and oil.   The biggest cause of this gas being put into the air is from car exhausts.   In addition, the gas that is being used...