Who Cares About Air Pollution?

Who cares about air pollution?
Mrs. Hynes
Soc. 120
January 10, 2010

Who cares about air pollution?
Earth is a unique planet that differs from other planets.   It has all the requirements necessary to sustain life, such as water and air.   It has been known for centuries that those two elements were requirements to sustain life.   However, it was not until a half century ago that it became evident that those necessary elements to sustain life were not of an “endless supply” and that those necessities needed maintained just like most other things on earth.   Today’s environment has many issues.   The nature we once knew is no longer the same.   It has been polluted by human activity for decades now.   In the beginning of the technology industry, filled with factories and automotives, society was unaware of any damage being caused to the environment.   These things seemed to be such positive investments for the future of the human species; after all, these things did make our lives easier.   For example, being able to commute to work in 5 minutes by automobile is a lot better than a walking commute of 45 minutes.   Also, having a machine put things together is more profitable for a business than hiring people to put things together.   Looking beyond these positives, we are now in a decade realizing the negative effects these great ideas have caused us.   Life as we know it depends on air and water, yet, despite that very fact, our lifestyles today take these necessities for granted.   For example, some people strive to have the biggest automobile or the biggest swimming pool.   It is the biggest automobile that requires the most gasoline to power itself with and it is the biggest swimming pool that is the one that requires the most water to be filled with.   Both instances are abusing our necessary resources.   I like the old phrase “bigger is not always better”.   In these instances, the phrase speaks a high level of truth.   In recognizing that these two elements...