Aids/Hiv Terence Higgins Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust

Is a national organisation merged with local community based HIV charities, running NHS organisations and local authority services across Britain. Campaigning for equality and justice for people with HIV and AIDS. They provide facts and statistics, offer information, advice and provide support and assistance on a range of HIV/AIDS related problems.

They offer advice on Rights, benefits, housing and employment. Help to get legal entitlement and advocacy support, on line legal advice on social welfare. They can provide financial support from the THT “Hardship Fund”for those with HIV who are in dire need, severe poverty or unable to work.

On-line Health trainers work with people on any issues associated with HIV/AIDS including medical treatments and medications, their sexual health and transmission prevention, maintaining physical and mental health. Emotional support is provided through peer groups in centres and on line forums on the THT website, matching people up with others in a similar situation. They also offer more intensive therapeutic interventions and on-line counselling, face to face or on the web.

My HIV free on-line tools support people with HIV/AIDS to manage their condition by sending free text/emails reminders for medication and appointments. On-line log to monitor and record blood count, medications and side effects.{E55A050F-A481-4CB2-9A1A-B685F158C116}|&f=grp1|grp2|grp3| Date accessed 28/4/15