African American

African Americans originated from the African country.   African Americans migrated to
the United States in the 1500’s coming from Mexico, and the Caribbean to the Spanish territories
of Florida, Texas and other parts of the South.
            Between 500 and the 1860’s at least twelve million Africans were sent to America, and
about half a million of us came to the United States. The Schomburg Center for Research in
Black Culture, The New York Public Library. Paragraph 4
Most of my people are the direct descendants of captive Africans who survived the
slavery era within the boundaries of the present United States, although some are descended
from immigrants from African, Caribbean, Central American, or South American nations.
“African American.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 17 Nov 2009, 05:12 UTC. 17 Nov
2009 paragraph 1
A lot of my people were either sold as prisoners of war by African States or kidnapped
directly by Europeans or Americans.   As a group we faced migration, where we were
forced to move to the United State.   We were also colonialized by the majority and made to feel
like we were nothing compared to them.
As far as consequences are concerned my people did not suffer extermination.
Slavery is the cause of secession in African Americans.   My people were made to work
for superiors.   They were considered property and denied all rights.   Slaves were given Slave
codes which are laws that define the low position held by the slaves in the United States.  
Violation of any of these codes will cause the slave to be mutilated, branded, or whipped.

Segregation was well known in African Americans.   There were certain places that we
could and could not go to.   We had certain drinking fountains that we had to use if we were
caught using the wrong one there was trouble.   There were certain schools that we were not able
to attend.   If a black man was found communicating with a white woman he had problems.