African American

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                                                              Journal Entry (Essay)

                                                                African American


                                                                Michelle Thornbury

  The creation that African-Americans had faced was colonization. There were two different forms of supporters, the northern supporters and the southern supporters. The northern had the approach of modern anti-slavery as the southern is the increasing population of the southern seen it as a “neutral” way of dealing with the “problem”
  The consequence was segregation. African-Americans did however face segregation for the white Americans wanted the African-Americans to know they were different. African-Americans were to use bathrooms, libraries, schools etc. away from the white population for was not accepted. As well the white Americans in the African-Americans was not entitled to have relations of any kinds with one another this could come with severe consequences if made within the public.
  In 1954 Thurgood Marshall was the attorney for the in a NAACP. The Supreme Court ruled that the segregation of schools were inherently unequal. There are approximately 47.5 million African-Americans throughout the United States. Although the United States has African-American population the two following states have the highest population of African-Americans with District of Columbia having 60% of African-Americans and Mississippi at 36.33%.
  African-Americans originated mostly from the coast of West Africa. The people...