African Americans

Race & Ethnicity
Written Assignment

African-Americans as an ethnic group have endured the most hardships. These hardships began with the involuntary immigration to the United States and has included the racial prejudice and discrimination they have endured since then. Since the abolishment of slavery, the issue of race remains significant when it comes to African-American relations. The significance of race has been an argument amongst sociologists. With sociologists such as William J Wilson, who wrote the article, “The   Declining Significance of Race” proclaiming the importance of race is diminishing and an African-American's class is comparatively more important in determining his or her life chances, and   Charles Willie's author of   "The Inclining Significance of Race" which counteracts Wilson's argument saying the significance of race is increasing likely to heighten, rather than lower the racial awareness of the black middle class. These two arguments have been used as a basis in comparing and contrasting whether a race is declining or inclining in accounting for the poverty status of African-Americans in the cities of the United States.
Brian Glimore for wrote an article, “The Declining Significance of Race-Version 2.0”   which goes in line with Wilson's argument. In his article, Gilmore mentions President Obama as an example that Wilson's assertion was real-as a black man, President Obama holds the highest political power in the United States. His stance on the argument implies poor African Americans don't want to shift the circumstance from race to class because it will send a message that race is no longer issue. Gilmore advocates the shift saying the poor are not benefitting from the racial remedial programs because they are geared toward the middle-class minorities and have little effect on the poverty stricken communities. Slate Magazine also touches on the issue of declining significance of race with an article...