Afl Players Should Be Role Models

Elite Sports People have an obligation to be role models to society.
The concept of role models in sport is one of the most debated topics in the Australian media. Much debate surrounds whether or not professional athletes should be classed as role models or not.
The debate particularly rages in the Australian Football League (AFL) where many recent problems with player behavior has caused increased scrutiny and debate on the role model issue.
Ultimately, it will be argued that AFL players are obliged to be role models, regardless of their personal opinion on the matter.
This will firstly be analysed by discussing exactly what a role model is and their typical traits. Then the focus will shift to AFL players as the causes for their status as role models.
Sport is something of great significance to Australian culture; it is discussed in the living room, at the pub and in the school yard. A love for sport is often an essential part of what it means to be an Australian.
The Australian love affair with sport is often a two sided concern. There are perceptions of sporting prowess while at the same time there are images of coach potatoes who consume sport rather than participate.
Regardless of which side of this is examined, sport is an important aspect to many Australians.
Sport has been attributed to the rise in the global recognition of Australia, both sportingly and culturally. The Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, labeled by IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch were, “the best Olympic games ever.” This greatly contributed to Australia’s international reputation as not only a sporting nation but also as a great place to live.
The sport of Australian Rules encompasses this love for Australian sport perfectly, as it is uniquely Australian and the AFL is the most popular sporting league in the nation.
The AFL boasts the highest average attendance of any sport in Australia with 37,776. This is reflective of total club memberships which are 574,091. This trend...