Business Ethics Managment Role Model

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, ethics is a set of moral principles : a

theory or system of moral values.   These moral principles of conduct are adopted to

govern an individual or a group.   Every individual or group has incorporated what is

called a code of ethics used as a standard to operate or exist.   These codes are tools

companies use to train their employees on becoming effective managers.   For example, if

an individual has been taught how important being professional is and its benefits, there

are rules that will tend to govern this individual’s conduct.   These rules or policies can be

referred to as ethics.   One quality of being a leader or in some instances a manager is

being a role model.   Whether good or bad, role models influence the lives of the people

that they lead.   Anyone
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get better grades whose primary task is to ensure the smooth and efficient

functioning of an organization designed to provide services or goods is a manager.   When

these codes of ethics set by a company are not followed especially by managers, the

affects are detrimental to employees, management, and the company.   Better

Business Bureau is the result of a failure to conduct oneself in an ethical and moral

behavior concerning advertising and selling practices.   In 1922, the BBB system was

established in New York City by what is known currently as the Ad Club of   New York.

The main objective was to deter false advertising practices, which damaged legitimate

business communicators as well as consumers.   Better Business Bureau is a leader in

communication reviews, fraud prevention, and education.   Because of poor management,

this organization is need because there are numerous ethical issues in advertising that

need to be addressed.