Australian Sitcoms – Are They a Good Role Model

Sitcoms are very popular in Australia but do they make the bad role models for our current generation?

The 1980’s are considered the ‘decade of the Sitcom’.   Situation comedy, usually know as ‘Sitcoms’ originated from radio.   Sitcoms are now established as effective mass entertainment throughout the world.

The three sitcoms, My Wife and Kids, Kath and Kim and The Simpson have all stood out over the years.   The Simpsons had its debut on the December 17, 1989 and My Wife and Kids ran from March 28, 2001until May 17, 2005 where it was officially cancelled.   Kath and Kim was first aired on May 16, 2002 and is going for another season.   The question is do we agree that sitcoms are a good model for our current generation?
My Wife and Kids is a situation comedy that uses deadpan, parody, caustic and some sarcasm humour.   The show was officially cancelled after five seasons because the executives said the show was “played out”.   The show appealed to almost everyone because it showed problems that everyday families have.   The sitcom focused on the upper middle class Kyle family and their problems, but was centred on the father.   The family always paid out each other.   In one episode Michael, the father, suggested that Junior (his son) should name his baby after him.   Junior replies, “Why would I name it ‘Dad’?”   The jokes came from the silly things Junior said and everyone poked fun at him, especially Michael.   This made the father an unacceptable role model because he made fun of his own children and children would then copy the poor behaviour.

The Simpsons is an animation comedy and the longest-running sitcom in US history.   The sitcom uses crudity, sexism, contradictions, some puns/double-entendre humour and physical abuse though speech and physical actions.   The show is about a dysfunctional family and the strange situations the family and the town, Springfield finds themselves in.   “I’m Bart Simpson, who the Hell are you?” and “Eat my shorts”, are sayings...