Aet Level 3

Unit 301: Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

1: Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
The role of a teacher in education and training is multi-fold and by this I mean that a teacher is required to firstly be a person who imparts knowledge or learning in their delegates by, but not limited to, providing a safe learning environment; this ensures the physical and emotional wellbeing of the students in the classroom firstly by adhering to health and safety legislation but also by providing an emotionally safe environment where learners can benefit from the experience by openly sharing problems, solutions and by asking questions without fear of ridicule or discrimination based on ideas, sex, sexuality, race or religion. The teacher is responsible for being a role model as this sets the desired tone for the learning experience, this can be done by setting ground rules at the start of the session of learning. Where educating or training adults these can be set by the group to provide a feeling of inclusion. At times the teacher will also need to be a councillor to their delegates but must be careful not to overstep their boundaries and stray into areas where they are not qualified. The teacher should be the leader of the group and use their abilities to ask open ended questions to aid in facilitating learning and should also be punctual to lead by example. Another important role of the teacher is to be a motivator and recognise when the group is losing focus on the task and be able to adapt the various learning styles of the delegates and empower these students to be responsible for their own learning and development.

Key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice are as follows;
  * Equal opportunities act 2010 – this ensures that all students and delegates are treated equally and be allowed to learn in a safe environment to gain the most from...