Aet 301

Award in Education and Training (level 3)
Assignment A

Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training.

1.1 Understanding the teaching roles and responsibilities in education and training
1.2 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own roles and responsibilities
3.1 Explain how the teaching role involves working with other professionals
3.2 Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professio

There are many legislations that need to be followed in the workplace that are governed by government bodies or funding providers
• Childrens act 2004 - the primary purpose of this act is to give boundaries to help regulate official intervention   in the interests of children
• Copyright design & patents act 1988 - this is the UK copyright law stating that permission is needed from the maker to use any of their work
• Data protection act - is a government act to protect people's personal data
• Freedom of information act - Right of access to see any information held on yourself
• Health and safety at work act - this covers all health and safety at work
• Protection of children's act - to ensure that a list is held of unsuitable candidates to work with children is held
• Safeguarding vulnerable groups - an act to make provisions to protect children and vulnerable adults
• Prevent duty 2005 - The counter terrorism and security act to prevent children from the risk of radicalisation and to instill british values
• COSHH regulations -   Control of substances hazardous to health to ensure all chemicals, products etc are always used following manufacturers instructions
• Health and safety (display screen equipment ) - to ensure health and safety is maintained when using computers to maintain an airy light room to work in, regular breaks and to stop at certain intervals for lunch.
• Manual handling operations 1992 - to use equipment fit for the purpose...