Advantages of Supply Chain

Following can be the efficiencies gained by supply chain with help of efficiencies:
  * On-line vendor catalogs from which buyers can find, select, and order items directly from suppliers without any human contact
  * The ability to track shipments using a wide variety of modes including truck, rail, and air transport
  * The ability to contact vendors or buyers regarding customer service problems from late deliveries, stock-outs, alterations in scheduled shipment dates, late arrivals, and a wide variety of other service issues
  * The ability to reserve space in public warehouses for anticipated deliveries to market locations
  * The ability to schedule outbound shipments from private and public distribution centers on a 24-hour basis
  * The ability to provide 7-day/24-hour worldwide customer service
  * The ability to receive orders from international customers
  * The ability to check the status of orders placed with vendors
  * The ability to place bids on projects issued by government and industry buyers
  * The ability to notify vendors of changes in configurations in products that are produced to order
  * The ability to pay invoices electronically and to check outstanding debit balances
  * The ability to schedule pickups and deliveries
  * The ability to be more responsive to customer service problems
  * The ability to reduce service costs and response time.
  * handling inventory and replenishing it effectively
Pitfall that should be avoided is the mismatch of communication because communication can be essence in the supply chain. Also, confidentiality and integrity of data is very important.   This is also one of the complexities, big corporations has to keep security at highest level to avoid the data breach and disruption of the system.