Supply Chain

Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Disciplines for Top Performance Book Description
How today's industry leaders are building supply chain efficiencies--and creating long-term competitive advantage
Supply chain management is among the most complex and difficult activities in today's environment of shorter lead times, tighter delivery schedules, and dramatically increased product variety. It is also among the most important.
"Strategic Supply Chain Management "explores the knowledge, techniques, and strategies necessary to create value and achieve competitive advantage from your supply chain. Based on the hands-on experiences of PRTM, the global leader in supply chain management and innovation, this all-in-one guidebook and reference features: In-depth and illustrative profiles of seven leading and distinct supply chain organizations, ranging from Eli Lilly to the U.S. Department of Defense Strategies built around the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) for increasing both the internal and external productivity of your company's supply chain Guidelines for honestly assessing--and incrementally improving--your company's interaction with its supply chain partners
"Strategic Supply Chain Management "establishes a new standard for building a low-maintenance, high-performance supply chain. Short on theory and long on proven strategies of well-known companies, it will help any organization align its supply chain with its business goals.
"We have to get a handle on our supply chain."
These words have become a standard corner-office lament in today's no-room-for-error business arena. But even when companies address their most glaring supply chain challenges, they can still find that cost-effective and strategic supply chain management is hard toachieve.
"Strategic Supply Chain Management "is the authoritative, all-in-one reference and guidebook for creating value and competitive advantage for each core supply chain process: "plan, source, make,...