Adjustment to College

Adjustment to College
Rebecca Sykes

The biggest adjustment for me, thus far into college would have to be my time management skills.   I am a mother of a special needs child, and it can be difficult raising a child who has special needs just on a normal day.   When you throw additional things into my life such as, attending college and going to work, at times it is difficult to find the time to concentrate on my studies.   Really all I want is for my children to have a role model that they can look up to, someone that is successful in achieving their goals.  
When I am at home, is it at times very difficult to attend to my studies without distractions.   So I have changed the way I approach my studies now.   I will do the majority of my studies at college, leaving the things that aren’t so difficult for me to be done at home.   I have also learned not to be afraid to ask for help.   I know if I am struggling, and you do not ask for help, I could be jeopardizing my goal.  
I would like for my children to know that I never given up on my goals.   I am very proud of myself to have made it this far; a part of me never thought that I would make it this far.   Come this May, I will be walking across the floor receiving my degree.   I will be the first out of my siblings to have graduated from college, and that is worth everything to me.