Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

Working within groups or teams presents many challenges and advantages in the workplace.   In the following paper, ways to apply the training program team A developed will be considered.   Discussed will be how the program might work in a particular organization and how it would help the organization successful.   Unique challenges will be addressed by the plan.   Collaboration from team discussion will be used to address these challenges.

    Working in a team definitely brings a more diverse range of ideas, thoughts, attitudes and personalities.   This diversity will be embraced; all options will be reviewed before making any major decisions for the team.   Open communication is paramount; team members should feel like they can bring any idea forward without being disparaged by any member of the team.   Detailed communication is necessary to reach understanding, team members must be clear with one another.   All team members’ participation is necessary for success, without it something will not be as complete as it could have been.   Respect for the individual is important, team members may not always agree with all ideas.   Compromise and constant interaction will help team members find a suitable solution for any problem.   Every team should have a plan going into a project to increase the effectiveness while working the project.

    Teams are the building blocks of an organization: They provide companies with the means to combine the various skills, talents and perspectives of a group of individuals to achieve goals (Siebdrat, Hoegl, Ernst, 2009).   More companies are using teams who are dispersed in different areas geographically.   To increase the performance of teams appropriate mechanisms for boosting both socio-emotional and task-related processes (Siebdrat, Hoegl, Ernst, 2009).   Every member of the team is unique and has their own set of skills they bring to the table.   Used correctly the team can accomplish anything together.

    In the case of Enron a...