To our beloved Mayor, Hon. Joy Pinzon Merin, our Vice Mayor, Hon. Virgelio Dabalos, our Guest of Honor and Speaker, sir Anacleto Yukee, to the epitome of a real leader and the Public Schools District Supervisor, Mr. Mario P. Pascua. The 16 school administrators , our beloved teachers headed by our principal, Mam Rosario M. Magpali, to the parents, fellow graduates, other guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “The youth is the hope of the fatherland.” We were sent to Bangar Central School so we could be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the important roles we have to play in the society someday, and most especially, to turn into reality the prophecy of our national hero, that we, indeed, can be the hope of our beloved country.

Today marks another milestone in our lives as we graduate from the first ladder of education, the elementary.   The first step that will lead us to more giant steps.

I can still remember when I first stepped in this institution, Bangar Central School with nothing at all. I was so afraid that I don’t know who will be my friends are, who will be my teachers are and what will I become after. These questions haunted me and along the way the answers came as I met my new found friends, my teachers and the people around the school.

I cannot help but to reminish my Grade I life. My Teacher was Mrs. Rosalina Sibayan, who is now a School Head, thank you mam very much, if not because of you as my first teacher who have given me real inspiration to study hard and made me realized how important education is to me. My Grdae 2 years was a little more nervous because I know my classmates looked up upon me and expect much from me because I was the First Honors in grade I. My teacher was Mrs. Leticia Macazo whom I really loved her the way I love my mommy Evelyn for she took good care of me. My Grade 3 teacher was Mrs. Mary Jane Ancheta who has shown me the real essence of...