Evaluation of President Reagan's Address


Evaluation on President Reagan’s Address
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Oral Communication
Comm. 110
Kathy Stroh
May 15, 2009

Evaluation on President Reagan’s Address
      I observed Ex-President Ronald Reagan speak at a Notre Dame commencement. President Reagan speech was very entertaining. He kept the crowd into the speech as well as the other people that was speaking on the podium. The ex president was informative and hilarious at the same time. The audience seems to already have a connection with Ex- President Reagan, so he drawing their attention was easy. Reagan’s style of speaking was intriguing. Knowing the crowd interest and similarities paid a toll on the deliverance if the speech. Standing behind a podium was a great use for the presentation. The podium hides certain things that would be counted off if the presentation was graded. For example: keeping your hands behind the podium. That avoids the audience from seeing a person fondling with their hands or showing any crazy movement of the hand, which would distract from the content of the presentation. Another example is hiding of the legs. The legs should be relaxed during a speech. This helps the posture and shows your comfort ability of being in front of people. With the legs being behind an object, not visible to the audience, this helps to hide in uncertainty with the body. The presentation strengths are the upper body posture, energy level, eye contact, and voice projection. This in this speech, Ex- President Reagan did well. Reagan had the crowd going by throwing little jokes within the speech. Having the audience smiling is a plus in any presentation. The happier the audience is the more they are willing to comprehend the message. Laughter brings on a comfort for speakers. This helps the speaker to be comfortable with the audience and the audience gets comfortable with the speaker. Being that he was the president of the...