Achievement Record

You need to show an understanding of child development from birth to 19 years of age. You are required to discuss
theories of development and how children develop at different rates. You need to show a sound understanding of
the factors that affect development and intervention strategies to support the child. You will need to show your
understanding of how to assess development and the different methods that may be used. You are required to
discuss outcomes for children within the Early Years Frameworks and how to be a reflective practitioner. Throughout
you are expected to use research and theory to support your answers.
 1a -You have given a detailed description of all aspects of child development across all age ranges, well done
 1b- very good information on theories of child development and the EYFS framework
 1c – good understanding of the many different ways to monitor children’s development, well done
 1d –included information on the reasons why development may not follow the expected patterns
 1e -Indicated how and why disability may affect development, with some examples included
 1f – very good information on the different types of intervention strategies.
 2a – a summary of the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing a child.
 2b – good information on the selection of methods of assessment
 3a – a sound understanding of how the areas of development are interdependent, well done
 3b – you included information about Every child Matters
 3c – included how these outcomes can be recorded
 3d – a good understanding of how practitioners can support positive outcomes for children, well done
 3e –included information about why it is important to engage with children to support sustained thinking
 A well presented assignment submitted here, well done
 A bibliography included and an excellent rang of quotes used throughout
 1f – I would have liked to have seen more information...