Importance of Accountability
HCS 475/ Leadership and Performance Development
                            Mr. Ornsteen
                          March 17, 2014

                                            The Importance of Accountability
In the following essay the reader will be able to understand why accountability is important in the health care industry, how an employee’s accountability is measured in a health care organization, how accountability applies to ethical considerations in leadership and management, how accountability affects an organizations culture and how to make a positive work environment.
Accountability in a health care organization is important. Accountability ensures that the welfare of the patients are met and followed and by making sure that each employee is held accountable for their job.   Health care organizations are always trying to establish performance indicators that can help with the accountability of its employees and patients and who is being held accountable for their actions. Creating and sustaining such accountability within a health care facility is important to the organizations profitability and its reputation within a community. If employees are held responsible for their accountability of their actions, then management is satisfied at all levels. The accountability of an employee can be measured by the reviews of other workers and patients whom deal with the employees on an individual basis. By having reviews and customer questionnaires about their recent services is a great way to ensure the employees are doing accountable work.
Ethics in businesses and organizations begins with honesty and integrity. Organizations should not only tell the truth but the organization and their representatives must maintain accountability for the business decisions and commitments they make. Many companies feel that their leaders must recognize that new customers and clients already want to do business with a...