Accountability Blows


What is accountability? I define accountability as the state of knowing where

something is at all times or being responsible if something did or did not happen.

I believe that accountability is important in some aspects for instance,

teachers have to know if the kids they are teaching are learning or if they decide

not to show up at school. Being accountable of tools in the work center is

another important factor because that is when tools get lost and could end up in

an engine and cause another plane crash. I know that I would definitely want to

know where my personal property for instance, I know that I would want to know

who is driving my car and whoever that person is would be held accountable of

anything that happens to my car. That is why personal accountability is very important in

my eyes. There is a good personal accountability quote by a writer by the name of Dan

Zadra. “Some favorite expressions of small children: “It’s not my fault. . . They made me

do it. . . I forgot.”  Some favorite expressions of adults: “It’s not my job. . . No one told

me. . . It couldn’t be helped.”  True freedom begins and ends with personal

accountability.” I am taking personal accountability of my actions. I am writing this

essay, I am calling Corporal Palomares every weekend day at seven at night and seven

every morning. I should not have to think that lying about going somewhere that I should

not have been.

Accountability of someone, when that person is grown up enough to sign

up in the Marine Corps and go to war, I think, is like a double edge sword. On

one side it can be useful in the fact that if we were to go to the battle field and

someone gets left behind and we do not notice then who knows what might

happen. He could be captured by the enemies or who knows what else. Accountability

can be very important for instance if I was to go for a...