Demonstration of Interpersonal and Communication Skills:
The research topic and the objectives that I had chosen to meet; about the chosen organisation didn’t prove to be as easy as I was anticipating. I had defined the main objectives of my project that I was intending to achieve at the start, while keeping in mind my basic research questions and performing my research in the light of those objectives.
At the beginning I knew nothing about the research methods and techniques, because I had no such experience of performing research on a topic first and to present that research in the form of a project. In additions to the question that I had defined to do my project, there were various other questions put to me by my mentor. They proved really helpful to me in making an outline of my project because the type of questions that I had in my mind were really of very basic level.
The first objective of my report was presenting brief view of the various operations of the organisation. This part of the project was comparatively easy because there was a lot of information available that I found while I was researching in the initial days. On the website of Barclays PLC, and from database found at the British Library, I found huge amount of information regarding this objective. But when it was time to squeeze all the necessary information in my project then the limitation of words caused a hindrance.
Then it came the analysis part. This was mainly concerned with the facts regarding the figures that were shown in the financial statements of the company. I used all relevant figures from these statements and put them in appendices to calculate the required ratios. Then from those tables I made graphs and commented at it. This was the part that took most of my time. But I think it was worth spending time on this part, because it was a key part of the project.
The next part was a little hard for me because the strategic analysis is something that is not studied in skills...