Academic Discourse

Angie Joseph
ENC 4138
Academic Discourse Final Draft

          “Exploring the Community of Public Administration”


      Public Administration is all around us! It is the man who picks up our garbage, the police man who catches criminals, the farmer’s who ships fruit to our markets or the candidates who represents all 50 states. The definition of P.A. cannot plainly be defined in one sentence because of the complex political, legal, managerial and occupational nature of this community according to Borick. Public Administration is a vast community with many aspects within its array of organization. The discourse community of P.A explores several dimensions in policy making, law enforcement and overall management of government affairs. The members of the P.A. community who manages the functions of government are known as bureaucrats. The vast departments and agencies within the government all share different political cultures, goals and attitudes but as a whole a common understanding, language and purpose connect these separate organizations. My interest in the P.A. field lies in the managerial sections of this community and the P.A. degree I will receive from FAU will steer me in that direction. In the Discourse community of Public Administration I will explore management roles, nature of the environment, ways of communication, and practices necessary to be productive and skillful. I will also highlight the authorities behind the P.A community that make making it legit.
Public Administration has been around since the beginning of time for decades evolving into sophisticated synced organizations managed by government. The duties of Public Administrators are to “focus on responsibility to serve and empower citizens as they manage public administration” with the peoples interest at heart as stated in the constitution. (Denhardt p. 549). One of the most important functions in public administration is the process of...