Sex Sells

Cameron Jones                                                                                                 Jones 1

      Sex sells within the media. It has been selling since the beginning of advertising, just in different forms. Today’s media is a product of today’s consume and visa versa its a catch 22!! The media uses sex to advertise what it sells, so they use more. It sells. The media imprints visions in the minds of individuals of how they should look, dress, and act.

      Hugh Heffner, the creator of Playboy, coined the phrase in defense of his at that time controversial magazine, Playboy. Hugh Hefner created an entirely new market category -- something very few entrepreneurs have done.

    An article I have read said, “Sex is everywhere, we are bombarded with it” (Fazed Style, Culture, & Fashion Magazine [Lifestyle]).   Sex is all over the world, it appears in adverts, in dialogue and unavoidably in our everyday lives as humans.

    “Sex Sells” is not referring to buying and selling sex acts for the most part. It is referring to using a sense of eroticism to sell other products…like Calvin Klein underwear ads or perfume or alcohol. Major designers like Calvin Klein proudly display advertisements presenting men and women in underwear in erotic poses. This outrageous display of sexuality has catapulted these design houses to success. The Calvin Klein Company continued to cause controversy
Jones 2
with their racy and scandalous advertisements. Critics went as far as to compare the advertisements with child pornography. However, even the most critical opposition could do little to stop what would become the future for advertising. Calvin Klein’s jeans sales doubled during this period.

    When I was a kid there were always a sexy blonde enticing people to smoke in cigarette ads on TV. Now there are sexy blonde-haired women selling Skyy Vodka. It will not get any better and it will not get any worse. People that market products know that they...