Abuse Towards a Person with a Disability in Our Society

The overview of this article, this is a story that has caught the entire community and world in a state of shocked and disbelieved, it is about a 23 years old young lady who I will refer to as “Jane Doe” she is mentally disabled and suffers from a rare disorder calls “Fatal Dilantin Syndrome”. This disorder has left her impaired of her cognation with a mental capacity of a 12 years old child. In the early summer of 2006 Jane moved into the home of a Winnipeg family friend where she was abused. Base on my finding after reading the article, I learnt that Jane has suffered extensive physical, emotional, mental, and verbal, seclusion, mistreatment, neglect, and psychological abuse at the hands of these four Winnipeg family friends. The abuse continued four month until she was rescued by Winnipeg police after her family member began to worried about not seeing or hearing from her.
As stated in the web site steady health.com “Fetal Dilantin syndrome also referred to as Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome is a rare disorder caused by exposure of a fetus to the anticonvulsant drug phenitoin (Dilantin)” It also stated, “symptoms of this disorder may include abnormalities of the skull and facial features, growth deficiencies, underdeveloped nails of the fingers and toes, and or mild developmental delays”. I will focus my attention on few types of the abuse that Jane had endured during the months while she was living with this family.
Firstly, I will talk about physical abuse, according to mamashealth.com “Physical abuse consists of anything one person does to another that causes physical pain, which includes slapping, pinching, punching, pushing, throwing objects at another person. Physical abuse can result in bruises, black eyes, knocked out teeth, broken bones, internal organ injuries, brain concussions, and even death”. In this case, I realized Jane has
endured extensive physical abuse where she was subjected to beatings, repeatedly pushed down a flight stairs, punched,...