Above All the Rest My Dad

Above all the rest: Dad

The man above all the rest, because of his influence on my life, is my dad. He is so special to me that it's hard to put it to words. My dad is the one who had me knowing in my heart by second grade, maybe even sooner, which, I wanted to be his little girl forever. As a young man he was a mechanic for a few places. If I need to talk to my dad he is always there to listen, he is so understanding.   Growing up I remember those days
The year was 1963 and my dad was the happiest man. The day John .F. Kennedy was shot was the day my dad enlisted into the service. My dad was in the Army as a mechanic. He was actually an aircraft mechanic. He worked on the aircrafts if they had problems. He worked as an aircraft mechanic for six years. After that, he went to work for Coke-a-Cola as a truck mechanic. Which he worked there for two or maybe three years. Then in 1970 my dad bought a service station in Little Canada, Minnesota. He opened a full service mobile station. It was called “Little Canada Mobile”. Then it went to a station called “Little Canada seventy-six” At that gas station is where he met my mom.
My dad is the coolest dad ever. He so understanding, even if he does not get what I am going through. He is still there to listen or give me his shoulder if I need it. When I was a little kid as in between four through ten my dad let me put his hair in clips and little hair ties. Mom would take my picture with my masterpiece and dads face always said “I do not like this, but, I will tolerate it.” I remember going to my dad and telling him something kind of girly and he just looked at me and looked at me and finally said something that actually worked. He just as the right words to say when I want to talk about mechanics or something outdoorsy. There will be times when he will start talking about something I do not get, but I will nod my head and smile and try to think of something to say.
I remember growing up as a little girl and thinking...