Recount - Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I was an emotional wreck. All at once I was nervous and excited, happy and sad, as well as scared and confident. My first day of High school in Australia was taking its toll. I kept asking myself: What if I don’t fit in with their life style? What if I don’t make any friends? She kept reassuring me, telling me everything would be okay, all I could reply was, but would it?  

Arriving at the school, I didn’t know what to expect. The name sounded so posh. What did International High School mean? I was scared it was going to be posh and I wouldn’t fit in. My upbringing was never posh, was it? Some people might call us common.

The heat was overwhelming, and I could feel sweat beginning to build up in my armpits. I clenched them together, even though the heat was one of the main reasons I was excited to get to Australia for. Now it was just suffocating. Having seen the school for the first time, it didn’t look as posh as it sounded; it was a big multi storey building that seemed to tower over me, looking as daunting as I felt.

As I opened the Reception Door, the breeze from the air conditioning came flooding out. It hit me with a sudden icy gush. Heaven; walking into that room was pure heaven. The air was clean, crisp and fresh. The reception was like any other high school I have been too, small, grey, bland. I breathed a sigh, just like a normal school. However, there were many different flags placed around the room.

The first teacher I met was a jolly looking man, tall, bald and wearing an explosively hideous Hawaiian shirt. He was so laid back and unbelievably chatty for a teacher. Meeting him made me feel safe and comfortable. His words like “G’day” slid out of his mouth and I had to crane to understand. I also didn’t understand why he always had to use the word “heaps”. Maybe it’s an Australian thing? I couldn’t believe how settled I felt already; having only spoken to one teacher. I felt my stomach finally stop churning and turning.