It's the womans body to decide over. Especially since It's not a baby yet that can live on their own.

Women would still do it and then get hurt and more women would die. We know that since abortion has been done for thousands of years illegal or not.

Forcing a woman or a child to have a child she does not want is a extreme trauma. Especially at rape and incest.

Birth control sometimes fail and the option should be there. No child should be born unwanted and no woman should be forced to have a child she does not want. That includes the issue about adoption. If she is forced to give birth to it that is not a option to abortion. That way she still have a child she does not want.

Some women have abortions because they and their husbands can't afford another child. So when the government can ensure that finances would never be an issue these women would not have an abortion. Giving a child away is not a option for most. It would leave irreparable scars. That is why they abort before it is a child.

Some think abstinence is the cure but about 90% of all Americans still have sex before marriage so that wont work although some Texan politicians seem to think so. And married couples have abortions too.

Getting pregnant should not be a woman trap but sadly in many countries it is. Abortion is sometimes the only option.