Aat Case Scenario Tips

ICAS – Report writing

ICAS is a report which is based around an accounting function in your organisation. In this report you will document what the function is; the process of it and then you will go onto potential improvements and make recommendations based on those.

The report will show that you have an understanding of the organisation, the accounting function used and why it is used, and also the affecting factors based around it, such as legislation.


It would be wise to do a brief brainstorm around your accounting function and the mapping document to show it is suitable to base your report on.

Following this aim for your target amount of words (4000 words max – I think).

I think some of the confusion is with the mapping document and the criteria needed so below I have put all into layman’s terms in hope it will help (

Section 1 (K): Demonstrate an understanding of the role of accounting within the organisation.

  1. Describe the purpose, structure and organisation of the accounting function and its relationships with other functions within the organization. What does the function do? What outcome do you get from it? Demonstrate the usefulness of the function, justify why it is used and why it is needed. How does the accounting function link into other functions? Is the data from this function used elsewhere?

  2. Explain the various business purposes for which the following financial information is required: income statement (profit and loss account), Forecast of cash flow (cash flow statement), Statement of financial position (balance sheet).Show an understanding as to why each statement is used. What does it show? What are they used for? Who uses it?

  3. Give an overview of the organisation’s business and its critical external relationships with stakeholders. What financial roles does the organisation pose? Does it receive funds? Is it a public held company? What other relationships are there with the organisation?...