Aat Assessment Plan

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This assessment plan should be negotiated and agreed between you and your assessor. It should be realistic and ensure that your project can be submitted and assessed before any relevant deadlines such as for continuing your studies. Once agreed you are responsible for ensuring that you meet your part of it and submit your work on time.

Submission of project proposal document to assessor Submission of management of people section to assessor Submission of accounting system section to assessor Submission of contingency planning section to assessor Submission of section on fraud section to assessor Submission of final sections, contents etc to assessor Final project submission: Further action planned: Further action planned Further action planned:

Planned Date

Actual Date

Do you feel you will be able to complete this project based on investigation of your workplace? Y/N If not, why?

Will you be using the AAT Case Study?


Please note: Your unit 10 course is valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. After this time if your work is not complete and you require assessment further course fees may apply. The AAT have specific deadlines for the completion of work by students wishing to progress to chartered qualifications such as CIMA., ACCA and ICAEW. Your assessors will close and not answer messages or give feedback on drafts for the period leading up to this deadline. Full details of these dates will feature on the home page of the Etrack system. Please respect them and plan your work accordingly.

Give a brief description of your organisation:

Give a brief description of the system you have chosen to analyse:


Briefly describe the staff that work in the relevant department:

Give a brief description of how people are appraised, motivated manage their time in this department:


What contingency plans are currently in place for: Staff...