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Part 1 – Option B
  * Comparison to and from previous writings from visits to Benin.

  * Type of accommodation generally would be classed as unsuitable for Gallway.

  * The type of ruling used for rule Benin; Gallways limited stay.

  * Failure to understand Benin’s own culture and see things from their point of view

  * Discussion about the sacrifices and whether they were really what they appeared.

  * Conclusion

Part 2 – Option B

  * Not Gallway’s first written account of Benin and now intended for a different professional audience.

  * Discussion as to why Gallway refers to Benin as extraordinary

  * Apparent disregard for death

  * Discussion on more educated outlook on Benin art now compared to Victorian times.

  * Conclusion

Part 1 – Read carefully the following piece of text. What does it tell us about cross-cultural encounters?
Option B
This text relates to what Gallway observed during his short stay in Benin. This piece of text however differs greatly from previous information written from other visitors such as Jakris and Nyendale who praised the kingdom of Benin during their stay hundreds of years previously. This text was wrote for the Royal Geographical Society and was not based on the tasks at hand but more of what Gallway observed during his five day stay and drawing a few comparisons at times to previous reports despite them being hundreds of years old.
From what Gallway describes the people of Benin appear to sound nothing more than a brutal tribe; especially as he mentions that it’s rule ‘is one of terror’ and this type of ruling was very different to what Gallway and his men would have been accustomed to; although his wording here could be exaggerated for all we know. Executions were also common in Britain at that time, however there was some form on reasoning behind them such as criminal activity and treason against the British Empire. Under the treaty Gallway was hoping...