Thesis Statement- Explain what is meant by invented tradition and give a brief history of Irish rebellion including the famine? Continue to explain how you will argue how reviving and inventing tradition shaped Irish nationalism.

Paragraph 1 – Start with the quote from Gaelic league pamphlet then continue to explain how language can define a nation from others, include references to the creation of the Gaelic league and Michael O’Hickeys dismissal from St Patricks’ College for his beliefs of compulsory education of the Gaelic language.

Paragraph 2 – Explain how High Kings of Tara are basis of Gaelic in Irish history. Include the division of Ireland and how the language was believed to bring country together by Nationalists. Include Proclamation of Republic of Ireland quote. Appearance of Gaelic speaking people in contrast to English speaking people.

Paragraph 3 – Argue restoration of buildings such as GPO and Custom House and significance in Irish History and how association with British rule was abandoned. Include policy.

Paragraph 4 - National Monument Act (The Dáil) what it was for and what it meant to Irish Nationalists.

Paragraph 5 – Discuss tolerance and change to tradition and how some buildings have been changed into tourist attractions and bars.

Conclusion – Discuss how adaptations maybe in place as above paragraph but symbols (harp, Dublin spire) are still used today. Mention Michael Collins, O’Connell, history of the harp, Yeats view and ‘Easter, 1916’ poem


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