A1 Knowledge Spec


1. I would try and see more than 1 candidate at a time either in the same area or the same setting, I would try and collect as much evidence as possible for the unit we are covering and also be doing Holistic Observation which would enable me to cross reference with other units. All of the above would cut down on travelling time and expenses and would enable me to be more efficient in my role as an Assessor.

2. Candidates could use any current training certificates relevant to their NVQ, I could take copies of these for their portfolio, also any work placed experience they have attained and also any ongoing training they are attending. It is important that they are up to date on current legislation and that their knowledge is appropriate to the setting they are in and also that they are following their settings Best Practice.

3. They may need permission from the manager or supervisor of the setting for me to visit them and it is also courteous to inform other members of staff that they may be unavailable at a certain time during the day and they may need cover. I would advise the candidate to check with their manager and colleagues that the assessment time is suitable for everyone. I would make sure that the candidate knows what is expected of them during the observation and also what else they may be required to do. I would make sure they are aware and understand each step of the assessment process.

4. I would discuss with the candidate how we could gain more evidence, this could mean doing a further observation, a work product, setting up a task or simulation, I would always be positive when giving feedback and make sure that they understand that we can obtain the extra evidence we need through a variety of ways and that I am here to help and support them. I would go through the Performance Criteria and the Knowledge with them and help and support them through the next stage.

5. Standardisation meetings are held on a...