Theory of Knowledge

Carolina Kitras
July 8, 2009
Which source of knowledge do you consider most reliable?
Knowledge is a concept that tends to be over used, a concept that is spoken through the mouths of thousands of people. Its meaning can seem ordinary according to the dictionary, but its complexity roots form the fact that it has no concrete interpretation. One can question its nature and its source because after all, how is it obtained? Knowledge is a multilateral idea; it is analyzed through different standpoints and sources, such as books, TV, media, teachers, parents, each of them contributing to help build up an individuals knowledge. As controversial as this term might seem, there is one source that predominates the others, so one must ask, which one is it?
Media and television are two sources that transmit information and entertainment to vast amounts of people. Some people educate themselves with life lessons from different TV series and others obtain an opinion on politics through news broadcasters. The problem with this is that some of the life lessons on TV series are at times solved through fantasized means and news broadcasters tend to portray there political stance when actually informing those that are watching the news, insinuating that the knowledge obtained by these two sources can be either surreal or bias in my own opinion, making them not very reliable. Internet, a source used to communicate, obtain information, entertainment and many other great features, has become many peoples source of knowledge, yet not the most reliable. The reasons why I believe it is not very reliable are because it can be junk that is posted or even someone’s opinion. Though Internet can facilitate fast and accurate information, it is not something one most always depends on.
There is a wide range of books written, ranging from textbooks for school all the way to fiction novels. There are stories that portray historical events, which describe feeling, and that way the...