Suzanne de Passe at Motown Productions (A1)

How can the President of Motown Productions, winner of two Emmy Awards, an NAACP Image award winner and recipient of many honors, overcome the seemingly insurmountable task of steering this acclaimed company into a new era of diversification and rapid growth without losing the “Motown mystique”?
The Problem Statement points out that Motown Productions’ present operational structure was not conducive to its rapid growth and the fresh opportunities that the changing industry environment was providing.
In the Data Analysis segment, we take a brief look at Motown’s history and review its’ operational structure.   It speaks to Motown’s growth, strategic direction, and at the same time highlights some of the company’s weaknesses. More importantly, it identifies the company’s need for change.
We determined that among the Key decision criteria were: quick implementation, cost effectiveness, maintaining work quality, staff camaraderie, and meeting production commitment deadlines.
The Alternative Analysis looks at three options available to Motown (MP) and weighs them against the aforementioned key decision criteria.   The three options were: 1) Outsourcing / subcontracting production commitments, 2) Maintain Motown’s current operational structure and 3) Change the operational structure by dividing production commitments among the executives
Recommendation: After careful review of the data and a thorough analysis of the various alternatives through the lens of the key decision criteria, we recommended that the production commitments be subcontracted and that de Passe and her executives act as an inspectorate for the outsourced work.
The Action and Plan Implementation segment, details how we put our recommendation into action.
The increased growth and new opportunities presented several challenges for de Passe as Motown’s leader.  
Her company’s operational structure was not conducive to the rapid growth and new opportunities...