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Week 8 – CheckPoint: Crime Prevention Programs – CJS 210
Tammi Sloan
Why must the police implement community-based programs designed for crime prevention? What do these programs provide for the community?
      I feel the police should implement these programs because of the support it provides for the community by allowing it to be a safer place for people to live in. This is done by a well-known community crime prevention known as community watch. This prevention measure is good because it allows the community to step in and do something when the police are not around. Because there is not enough police manpower to cover every corner in the streets, this program implementation helps build a strong community.
What are some of the challenges associated with the implementation of these programs?
    Well, we can honestly say that there will be times when the community will become overwhelmed and angry if they come across a criminal. The community is going to have to realize that the criminal will receive his/her just punishment. Another challenge that a community might face is that of bringing crime down and controlling it. A strong community will work towards keeping it crime free by having vigilant citizens who will work to keep their community crime-free.
Identify three-crime prevention programs outlined in Ch. 9 you believe are most effective. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Explain their importance in crime prevention.
    Although I have already mentioned it in the above answers, I have to say that crime preventions which I think is good is the community watch program. It is a great program because it gives the police an extra set of eyes and ears on the streets and a chance to prevent crimes by vigilance and deterrence. Crime patrol is another great crime prevention program. These individuals are basically police officers, yet they do not have a badge. They walk around on foot and sometimes in a vehicle and act as the eyes and ears for...