A Survival of the Fittest

The key to a successful civilization is unity.   So long as a civilization functions as one body, it will never crumble.   More and more, nations have developed a sense of patriotism and pride.   In fact, patriotism is a large part of a citizen’s identity.   The education of a society is an extremely important factor.   As advanced as we are, information is available in infinite amounts.   Having access to this allows a civilization to be above everyone else.   A strong mind and will allows a civilization to resist change.   Perseverance is key when seeking to be the best of the best.   Modern civilizations will survive because of patriotism, education, and perseverance.
A civilization cannot survive without patriotism.   Patriotism is the love for one’s country, exemplified in the willingness through support and sacrifice.   Patriotism begins with steady dedication.   War is an example of patriotism.   For example, “…the Vietnam War presented difficult challenges that demanded courage and patience… Yet from the outset, they [U.S. troops] faced the dangers of Vietnam’s battlefields with dedication and bravery” (Lapsansky-Werner, Levy, Roberts, and Taylor 988).   Going to war helps protect a country and shows that they are dedicated to supporting their country.   James Bryce once said, “Patriotism consists in not waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong” (Wikipedia).   If a civilization is without patriotism, it is dead, and their citizens cannot obtain their identity.

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