“Struggle for Survival, Class Consciousness and Identity Crisis in Jayanti Gohil’S “Chhakaddo”

ABSTRACT: This research paper is an attempt to construe “Chhakaddo”, taken from the novelette ‘Jeev’. It encompasses the three major points like Struggle for survival; Class consciousness and Identity crisis are the most relevant stand-points in the Digital Era. The researcher wants to look this story from Marxist’s approach and psycho-analysis of Freud. Glorification, desire for becoming socially accepted and respected, pride of being different, false show-off, hasty judgment, rat-race behind urbanization, jealousy, mind-set of countryside people, etc strongly support to the three major points. The presenters’ aim is to interpret these points through explanation with relevant instances. Jayanti Gohil profoundly picturises the spirit of youth in materialistic world who gets nothing out of his life except restlessness and nothingness. How Marxist approach digs out inequality among inhabitants of one particular society. What exactly Jayanti Gohil represents in “Chhakaddo” is how the character’s suppressed desires play an essential role in designing his destiny.

Charles Darwin’s phrase ‘Survival for the fittest’ is effectively associated with “Chhakaddo” that a living being has to run fast to sustain its position on which it is standing. Jayanti Gohil has innovative ideas that are manifested in this story “Chhakaddo”.

                                                              Mahesh Dholiya (8905298752)
                                                              Amita Jani (9824817374),
                                                              Department of English,
                                                              Bhavnagar University,

“Struggle for survival, Class consciousness and Identity crisis in Jayanti Gohil’s “Chhakaddo”
Struggle for survival, class consciousness and identity crisis are the three major stand-points in the story Chhakaddo. Marx’s...