Survival of the Fittest

Survival in Singapore is beyond the phase of acquiring basic necessities but rather being able to achieve the best possible position in society, in this time of rapid development of the nation. It has brought upon the belief that only the best will win the race. Nevertheless, this belief is inevitable as being the cream of the crop is the key to survival here. However, it is unjustifiable shall everybody receive the benefits to be the best as disparity is still plaguing the society.

Materialistic competition is evident in Singapore’s modern society where everybody desires to acquire the best assets to be deemed successful. This mindset is caused by the kind of competitive society Singaporeans live in where there is an obsession with being the best in all that they do. By possessing material gains, it is the most immediate and easiest way to indicate one’s status thus portraying their superiority. The ability to go on holidays to exotic destinations like the Caribbean or to own designer goods are such examples. Singaporean cultural ethos of materialistic obsession and aspirations to achieve these things are so as to impress others, both socially and economically. With such acquisitions, it portrays their social status as well as their affluence. Therefore, everybody strives to possess the best quality of an asset, leading to the obsession of being the best.

The obsession about being the best is not only confined to materialistic attainment but also academic competition. Meritocracy whereby Singapore adopts to encourage people to work for reward fuels such competition. This obsession is becoming an inherent part of Singaporeans, mainly the school-going population. Thus, besides striving to achieve success for personal satisfaction, it is also to ensure that they gain scholarships and bursaries to aid their academic needs. Meeting minimum requirements for entry tests or national exams are no longer a challenge because the ability to clinch distinctions in all...